KC1AWV Repeater Net Report - 13 FEB 2020

NET AUDIO WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON Net Control : N1NSB - Sherry Announced Traffic: None Check-ins Mobile and Portable KC1AWV - Steve Mobile in Portsmouth KC1MIU - Bob Portable in Stratham KA1OPS - Herman Portable in Brentwood KB1WWR - Bob Mobile in Wolfeboro Emergency Power None Commercial Power WA1YCE - Pete in Exeter KB1WFK - Mike in Exeter KB1YJ - Bill in Stratham KB1YSB - Al in Exeter K1SGC - Bonnie in Exeter

KB1WFK Simplex and HF Net Report - 06 FEB 2020

2020-02-06 SIMPLEX NET VHF 147.465 NCS KB1WFK 12 CHECK INS KC1AWV K1SGC WA1YCE KB1YSB KA1OPS K1KL K1RID W1CEK KC1MIU by relay N1AFF by relay KB1YJ by relay HF 3976 LSB NCS KB1YJ 9 CHECK INS K1VJ WA1YCE K1KL KC1ILT K1RID KB1WFK W1CEK W1WNS Kensington Repeater NCS KB1YSB 3 CHEKC INS K1VJ KC1ILT CHECK INS https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zonUDHzgsTQcIUm9gHiKn4mumjQWeFEl NOTES: KC1MIU 12m 41s checks into net on 147.465 12m 57s recognized by NCS 16m 47s checks into net by Kensington Repeater

KC1AWV Simplex Net Report - 06 FEB 2020

KC1AWV NET AUDIO LINK HERE Net Control: KB1WFK - Mike VHF Net Check-ins: KC1AWV Steve - Seabrook - Mobile K1SGC Bonnie - Exeter - Commercial Power WA1YCE Pete - Exeter - Battery Power KB1YSB Al - Exeter - Commercial Power N1AFF Drew - Hampton - Commercial Power WA1ESU Fred - Mobile KA1OPS Herman - Brentwood - Commercial Power K1KL Kevin - Hampton - Commercial Power - HF and VHF

KC1AWV Repeater Net Report - 30 JAN 2020

NET AUDIO LINK HERE Net Control : K1VJ - Martha Announced Traffic: KB1WFK - Training Radiogram Check-ins Mobile and Portable WA1ESU - Fred in Newbury, MA KC1AWV - Steve in Portsmouth - AEC ERC ARES Emergency Power K1ACL - Fred in Rochester KB1YJ - Bill in Stratham Commercial Power AB1ZU - Bruce in Newton - AEC ERC ARES K1SGC - Bonnie in Exeter K1KL - Kevin in Hampton KC1LHD - John in Nottingham

W1ROC New Website

The Eastern Rockingham County ARES has a new website!

Welcome to the new W1ROC website! Here we will have postings with net reports, links for upcoming public service events, and general information related to Eastern Rockingham County ARES. More to come soon, and again thanks for visiting! Steve KC1AWV