Covid 19

AB1CK Net Report - ERCARES Event Driven Net 23 MAR 2020

Net Control : K1VJ - Martha Announced Traffic: KC1DUF - Nancy Check-ins (in no particular order) K1SGC Bonnie K1VJ Martha KB1WWR Bob KB1WFK Mike KB1YJ Bill KB1YSB Al KC1AWV Steve KC1DUF Nancy KC1GNU Dan KC1ILT Steve WA1YCE Pete KB1OCL Dave KX1A David WA1ESU Fred K1KSG? K1RID Ed KC1LHO John AB1CK Gene K1RTO Scott KC1BJU Roger Traffic KC1DUF - Nancy reports the following: Number of Persons with COVID-19: 101 Deaths Attributed to COVID-19: 1 (<1%) Hospitalizations: 11 (11%) Number of Persons with Test Pending in PHL2: 869 Total Number of Persons Tested at NH PHL3: 2,417 Number of Persons Being Monitored in NH: 900 Rockingham County has 38 confirmed cases Updated Emergency Orders from the governor of NH were identified:

K1SGC Net Report - ERCARES Event Driven Net 24 MAR 2020

Net Control : K1SGC - Bonnie Announced Traffic: None scribed Check-ins (in no particular order) KB1YSB Al KC1MIU Bob AB1CK Gene KB1BOB Bob KX1A David WA1ESU Fred KB1YJ Bill KB1WFK Mike KB1OCL David KB1WWR Bob KC2RGW Chris KC1LHD John K1VJ Martha KC1ILT Steve KC1AWV Steve KC1GNU Dan WA1YCE Peter Traffic None scribed Announcements and Discussion KX1A provided information about fatality rates as reported by the CDC and WHO. KB1WFK talked about the National Strategic Stockpile, and how incoming supplies will need storage space.