Practice Net

KC1AWV Repeater Net Report - 13 FEB 2020

NET AUDIO WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON Net Control : N1NSB - Sherry Announced Traffic: None Check-ins Mobile and Portable KC1AWV - Steve Mobile in Portsmouth KC1MIU - Bob Portable in Stratham KA1OPS - Herman Portable in Brentwood KB1WWR - Bob Mobile in Wolfeboro Emergency Power None Commercial Power WA1YCE - Pete in Exeter KB1WFK - Mike in Exeter KB1YJ - Bill in Stratham KB1YSB - Al in Exeter K1SGC - Bonnie in Exeter

KC1AWV Repeater Net Report - 30 JAN 2020

NET AUDIO LINK HERE Net Control : K1VJ - Martha Announced Traffic: KB1WFK - Training Radiogram Check-ins Mobile and Portable WA1ESU - Fred in Newbury, MA KC1AWV - Steve in Portsmouth - AEC ERC ARES Emergency Power K1ACL - Fred in Rochester KB1YJ - Bill in Stratham Commercial Power AB1ZU - Bruce in Newton - AEC ERC ARES K1SGC - Bonnie in Exeter K1KL - Kevin in Hampton KC1LHD - John in Nottingham