AB1CK Net Report - ERCARES Event Driven Net 23 MAR 2020

Net Control : K1VJ - Martha

Announced Traffic:

KC1DUF - Nancy


(in no particular order)

K1SGC Bonnie

K1VJ Martha



KB1YJ Bill


KC1AWV Steve

KC1DUF Nancy


KC1ILT Steve



KX1A David





AB1CK Gene

K1RTO Scott

KC1BJU Roger


KC1DUF - Nancy reports the following:

Number of Persons with COVID-19:                101
Deaths Attributed to COVID-19:                  1 (<1%)
Hospitalizations:                               11 (11%)
Number of Persons with Test Pending in PHL2:    869
Total Number of Persons Tested at NH PHL3:      2,417
Number of Persons Being Monitored in NH:        900

Rockingham County has 38 confirmed cases

Updated Emergency Orders from the governor of NH were identified:

  • March 2020 - Emergency Order #11: Temporary authority to perform secure remote online notarization.
  • March 2020 - Emergency Order #12: Temporary modification of public access to meetings under RSA 91-A.
  • March 2020 - Emergency Order #13: Temporary allowance for New Hampshire pharmacists and pharmacies to compound and sell hand sanitizer over the counter (“OTC”) and to allow pharmacy technicians to perform non-dispensing tasks remotely.
  • March 2020 - Emergency Order #14: Temporary authorization for out-of-state pharmacies to act as a licensed mail-order facility within the State of New Hampshire.
  • March 2020 - Emergency Order #15: Temporary authorization for out of state medical providers to provide medically necessary services and provide services through telehealth.

KC1DUF also reported items from today’s President’s COVID-19 public presentation. Those items were not recorded by this Scribe.

Announcements and Discussion

KB1YSB Al questioned the way statistics were being reported or calculated. Suggested death counts could be a more accurate and realistic way to determine the statistics. Al reference a report that stated the average age in Italy of people who died was 81 years old. Later WA1YCE Peter identified that in a Reuters Report; Italy recently had many deaths which occurred in Nursing homes. Other data was presented that reflected the constant valid questioning of the data and the resultant statistic.

K1RTO Scott, a local ER nurse identified that the local hospitals are looking for face Shields, 95 rated masks and disposable gloves. Please look at the hospital web sites to determine how to donate and deliver these needed PPE.

KC1AWV Steve announced that MA Gov. Baker asked for staff of non-essential services to stay home. Information on this can be found at www.mass.gov

KX1A David identified that there was one death in NH due to the virus

KB1WFK Mike identified that there are a few new operators in this NET with limited experience and requested that everyone should slow down and give them a chance to get familiar with everyone.

Mike is looking for some feedback from everyone. He also identified that he may want to split the session into two parts. One Part is for local news and the other is National news. Mike also wants to add some training to this session to get more operators up to speed. Again, he is looking for feedback. Mike also complimented Martha on the good job she is doing as the Net Controller. (There were other people who also chimed in on how well Martha is running the net.)

KC1BJU Roger provided some good news of a new Grandson being born at the Elliot Hospital. He also found out that the Walmart in Epping is planning to close at 8:30 pm for a while.

KC1ILT Steve identified that the York Chief of Police closed all York Beaches. Of concern was many individuals did not follow the no-closer than 6 feet rule.

K1RID Ed also identified that Bangor is also closing down all non-essential businesses. He also asked if there was going to be any Simplex testing in the future. KC1AWV Steve and KB1WFK Mike all identified some plans for future testing as well as a State Traffic net that is available. All the details were not recorded by this Scribe.

K1VJ secured the East Rockingham ARES Emergency NET on 3/23/20 at 2039 local time and returned the repeater back to general amateur use.

AB1CK Gene was this evening’s Scribe. Please let Gene know of any required corrections or omissions that should be included in this report. Thank you.