KC1AWV Repeater Net Report - 19 MAR 2020

Net Control : N1NSB - Sherry

Announced Traffic:



Mobile and Portable

W1CEK Gary, Kittery, ME

KC1AWV Steve, Portsmouth AEC Eastern Rockingham County

KC1DUF Nancy, East Kingston

KB1LXX Derek, Greenland

Emergency Power

K1ACL Fred, Rochester AEC Strafford County

W1JAB John, Exeter

KB1YJ Bill, Stratham

K1VJ Martha, Kittery Point, ME

Commercial Power

K1SGC Bonnie, Exeter

KC1GNU Dan, Barrington

W1BOF George, Dover AEC Strafford County

KB1WFK Mike, Exeter

KB1YSB Al, Exeter

KA1OPS Herman, Brentwood

K1EHZ Jay, Bedford Greater Manchester ARES

AB1ZU Bruce, Newton AEC Eastern Rockingham County

KC1ILT Steve, York, ME

N1KWG Ken, Greater Manchester ARES

W1WNS Wayne, Somersworth Strafford County ARES

K9AEN John, AEC Hillsborough County

WA1YCE Pete, Exeter

KC1BOS Jonathan, Candia


Welcome Northerners!

K1EHZ set up a crossband repeater for Manchester to participate in Seabrook Drill nets

AI2Q Fixed up radio room on Albacore submarine - Read the article in QST!

A new nightly net will be held to touch base on current events at 2000 hours on the Kensington repeater

Current event: COVID-19 Pandemic

Net Control for the nightly net will send net report to KB1WFK

KB1WFK will run the first nightly net this Friday

Net control will designate someone to take over the net following night

Guidelines to cover the net:

  • No misinformation!
  • Relay official info from Concord and WebEOC
  • Ask for what people heard from credible sources - be sure to cite your sources
  • Take a roll call - what people have seen from personal experiences

All nets are operational except for HARP net - due to restricted access

ECs are still free to convene nets and training for ARES since we can all work remotely


  • 44 persons with COVID-19
  • 631 Tests Pending
  • 1420 Persons tested
  • 575 Persons being monitored
  • Most cases in Rockingham County
  • PCARC postponed Seacoast Amateur Radio Flea Market until Sep 19